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Maha Bin Hendi Law Firm Heads ‘Nafes Top 100 Law Firm’

Dubai Courts have maintained their first place at regional level in the contract enforcement theme for the third consecutive year moving from 25th place to 12th place at the global level according to the World Bank report on ease of doing business for 2018. This achievement finds itself amongst a long list of awards and recognition, internationally as well as within the middle east. Several initiatives drive Dubai Court to operate at optimal level internally as well as driving all the entities involved in the judiciary sector to reflect the same level of efficiency, dedication and excellence.

Advocates representing their clients at Dubai Courts are supported by many tools put in place by the government in order to shorten the litigation process while ensuring fairness and due process. Establishment of a case management office accessible on a digital platform and adoption of electronic and smart technologies in the litigation area has had a positive effect on elevating performance indicators in the commercial court. Implementation of a specialized court for execution and publication of updated judicial decisions in a transparent manner is one of many pillars of effective justice of Dubai Courts characterized by accuracy and speed providing accessible judicial services.

One of many initiatives driving competitiveness and leadership of the UAE in the judicial sector is the ‘Nafes 100’ initiative. The competitiveness team has developed an improvement plan approved by the leadership of Dubai courts «Nafes Initiatives» to promote international competitiveness in contract enforcement. A performance indicator regularly measures how long a full and final decision is obtained, 12 months from the date of filing. The average number of days across all commercial cases by a certain law firm is then calculated to give an advocate their ranking. The ‘Nafes Top 100 Law Firm’ list is then regularly updated to provide the public with a list of firms that have outclassed their peers during that

It is our pleasure to be inspired by the Dubai government’s vision in making the Dubai judicial system one of the leading justice systems globally, displaying the highest level of competency, due process and above all fairness. On Thursday 22 nd February 2019, Maha Bin Hendi Law firm was ranked 1 st amongst its peers, making us the quickest law firm to handle cases across the board, start to finish. It is our greatest honor to continue doing exactly what we do, by providing our clients with quality, in an ethical and transparent manner.

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