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We handle all types of arbitration such as adhoc, court-administered arbitration and institutional arbitration in various international and domestic arbitration institutions such as ICC, DIFC-LCIA, DIAC, ADCCAC, AjCCAC, SICAC (Tahkeem) and RCRCA. Our team has handled a wide range of commercial disputes in arbitration including real-estate, construction and intellectual property disputes.

We can advise on arbitrability of disputes and compliance of mandatory procedural requirements under the law. We will ensure a hassle free cost effective experience that includes advising on interim applications and interim/partial awards, dealing with party-appointed and tribunal experts. Post arbitration processes such as handling enforcement and execution of arbitral awards before UAE courts, advising on enforcement of arbitral awards under the New York Convention fall under the same umbrella.

Accomplishments: One of our team members successfully ratified a single arbitration award worth AED 50 million.