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In recent years, there has been a higher and more targeted demand for bespoke legal services catering to clients that offer services within the Creative’s industry. Since the advent of digital technology, media and entertainment industries have generated multipart legal issues that require highly trained legal team with relevant industry experience and a history of innovative problem-solving.

Understanding the dynamics between intellectual property, digital rights, and distribution channels requires a solutions-based, client-need-dependent, non-traditional approach, very different from the strategies perceived as ‘traditional’.

Our firm is in the heart of D3, a place with strong creative foundations.  This allowed us to form robust ties with the industry. It has also given us a strategic stance in being at the forefront of regulations governing this niche area. Due to fashion laws’ still-emerging nature in the region, we aim to contribute to the development of law in this area.

Accomplishments: Negotiated and represented Emirati talents in the Art and Design field with various government entities and successfully finalised a desired outcome.